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What is the pianist in piano bar like?

You may not have idea what kind of person is playing the piano bar, if you don't have knowledge.

Of course, there isn't a famous pianist such as holding a concert in overseas, but it's certainly that there is good pianist.

There are many kinds of pianist from the students who will be active as a pro in the future, the pianist who are active as professionals now, to the amateurs have professionals skill, but they have the enough skill uniformly that can fascinate the listener.

That's why the piano performance with the piano bar will not get tired of how many hours. Even those who feel that the performance that each technology and personality is steady is felt to be really attractive and lovely, originally it was not interested in piano, classic, etc. Even those who became fans after listening to raw performances There are also many people who have said that.

There are many types of songs to be performed, not only classics but also jasters and pops, and 4 stages are played from 3 stages overnight.

On the stage, a schedule of who will play is posted on the site, so many people are visiting the stage of popular people.