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What kind of place is a piano bar?

I have heard of the piano bar, but I think that there are not many people who have not visited yet.

In the bar where you can enjoy liquor, it is not easy to visit a lot, many people feel that the threshold is high when you name it piano and it is difficult to go.

However, the actual piano bar is not much different from the ordinary bar, and people who want to enjoy sake slowly are visiting.

The biggest difference between the piano bar and the ordinary bar is whether you can listen to live piano music or not. However, it is not that the piano is being played throughout the business hours.

It is decided that the time zone in which the piano performance is performed, so you can enjoy conversation at other times of course, as well as you can enjoy conversation slowly while playing.

Speaking of the piano bar, it is often used in scenes where you drink alcohol in movies, so I imagine foreign countries such as New York, so in a fashionable space, I have to work hard for quite a while if I do not go out with fashion Although it seems to have thought, there is no such thing, so why not try visiting without feeling it.

The atmosphere different from general bars and snacks is surprising, it may be comfortable and comfortable.