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Enjoy the Japanese wiskey!

Domestic whiskey, as the name says, is whiskey being produced in Japan, also called Japanese whiskey.

It is a domestic whiskey which is now famous as it is visited from abroad, but it was said that around 1870 it was the first whiskey to be made in Japan, but what started to be built for sale is Because it is said that it was around 1924, the history of whiskey in Japan is still less than 100 years.

In the past, it was not written as "ウイスキー" as it is now, and it was written as "ウヰスキー". The secret behind why "イ" was written as "ヰ" is because it follows the Scotch whiskey, and in English notation it is written as a notation expressing e.

There are two wholesale manufacturers in Japan that Suntory and Nikka Whiskey are doing, and it is said that only these two companies account for 90% of domestic market share.

Each manufacturer manufactures single malt, blended and besides that, original whiskey is manufactured and sold. It is hard to get valuable things easily, and people who like it are collecting as much as they are collecting.

It is the piano bar "My scotch" that deals with such domestic whiskey, and you can spend adult time.