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Domestic whiskey popular for foreign tourists

Japanese domestic whiskey (Japanese whiskey) is popular now.

In the country, people who had no interest in whiskey became a catalyst to know Japanese whiskey making by the national drama work on which whiskey making was set.

Furthermore, recently, among overseas people coming to Japan, the popularity of Japanese domestic whiskey (Japanese whiskey) is rapidly rising.

If you have anything you do not understand or want to know about domestic whiskey (Japanese whiskey), please talk to the master of "My scotch". I will introduce a recommended whiskey.

Single Malt Scotch Whiskey / Japanese Whiskey is prepared for 1 cup ¥ 1,000.

For domestic whiskey (Japanese whiskey), "YAMAZAKI" "HIBIKI" "TAKETURU" "Ichiro's Malt" is recommended.


In "My scotch", foreign tourists do not need to charge.


Welcome to Japan! Enjoy your trip!