My Scotch

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Roppongi's piano bar "My scotch"

In Japan there was a golden age called the bubble once.

People gathered in Roppongi and it was a time when many people crowded.

More than 30 years passed, the bar which was crowded at the time, many shops closed.

But "My scotch" is still in the Roppongi here (Roppongi), still unchanged from that time.


"My scotch" is a well-established piano bar that lasts from 1980.

The atmosphere of the bar where the piano live music sounds every day does not change from that time.


The space like a hideout where people gathered at the store enjoy music and drink boasts of our shop.

A calm space like this hideout is the perfect place to spend a wonderful time with important people as well as a cup after work.


Please spend a wonderful time watching the night view of Tokyo, Roppongi (Ropongi) seen from 8F of the building.

The night view of the building and the sound of the piano are beautiful not only on sunny days but also on rainy days.


We also have an English menu so please do not hesitate to speak to our staff.


Aiming for a shop that everyone loves forever. Since 1980