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Enjoy Japanese whiskey in Roppongi

"A city that does not sleep, Tokyo"

If you came to Tokyo, please come to Roppongi once.

In our lively Roppongi, our shop provides you with a fine moment of time.


The characteristic of our shop is to be a piano bar, but there are other features as well.

That is what the smell of cigarettes does not matter. Tobacco is a bar in the bar, but many people are not good at smoking.


Although it is OK even if you smoke cigarettes, as a consideration for those who do not like cigarettes, "My Scotch" employs a special air conditioning system that is also used in luxury hotels.

By exhausting so as not to mind the smell of cigarettes, it is a space that all visitors can enjoy.


Enjoy Japanese whiskey!

As the name suggests, "My Scotch" has plenty of Scotch whiskey.

However, if you come to Japan, enjoy the Japanese whiskey!



Yoichi Distillery, the origin of Nikka Whiskey, is located in Hokkaido. It is a sacred place called Japan's Scotland.



"YAMAZAKI" is a single malt whiskey, characterized by depth and sweetness.



"HIBIKI" is a blended whiskey that Japan boasts worldwide.


Since we have many other sake, please do not hesitate to speak to the staff.