My Scotch

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Welcome to Japan, free charge with OMOTENASHI.

Welcome to Japan, welcome to Tokyo, welcome to Roppongi.


The piano bar "My Scotch" has been offering sake to many customers in Roppongi since 1980.

The most characteristic of our shop is that it is a piano bar that you can enjoy delicious sake while listening to the piano's live performance.

There are many Japanese guests, but our shop is also a shop loved by all foreign tourists.


For foreign friends who came to Japan for sightseeing, as OMOTENASHI, at our shop, we have the service that free charge.


Those who came to Japan will visit various places from the morning.

Some people heading from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, Osaka by bullet train.

Even those who enjoy skiing in Hokkaido in winter.

You will be visiting Shibuya and Ueno, Akihabara, Odaiba, Tokyo Tower and Tokyo.



Touching many Japanese cultures, touching Japanese people, if you get tired after walking for a day,
Please come to the piano bar in Roppongi.


Musicians such as jazz, bossa nova, pops create a pleasant atmosphere with piano.


Thank you for coming to Japan!
Charge free is a little OMOTENASHI from us.